Book Review

Anne Brewster, associate professor at the University of New South Wales and specialist in Australian literature, is renowned for her long-standing research into, and dedication to Indigenous-Australian writing. A prolific writer of journal articles and book chapters on the topic, she also published the specialist study Aboriginal Women’s Autobiography in 1995 (republished in 2016) and the more general volume on postcolonial studies and Indigeneity Literary Formations: Postcoloniality, Nationalism, Globalism in 1996. Her engagement with the Indigenous community has resulted in collaborative works such as the anthology of Indigenous writing Those Who Remain Will Always Remember, co-edited with Nyoongar academic and author Rosemary van den Berg and the non-Indigenous academic Angeline O’Neill in 2000; and in 2015 the interview and essay collection Giving this Country a Memory. Contemporary Aboriginal Voices of Australia, which is the focus of this review article. ….

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