Book Review

If I had been asked to review a book on one of the establishment parties – the Liberal Party, the Australian Labor Party or the National Party – I probably would have been reluctant. But my curiosity about the Australian Greens as a party formation and the evolution of the party’s entangled history from the single-issue environmental campaigns of the 1970s and 1980s into “the third party” of Australian politics left me with little choice in the matter. The Australian Greens in my view represent an exciting change in a frozen political system which in Australia, and more generally in the “West,” appears to have entered a vicious cycle of electoral non confidence and perpetual leadership crisis. In other words, to me, Jackson’s book is a both timely and important contribution to help us better understand the shifts in Australian politics over the last few decades. Shifts which will probably become an even more prominent feature in years to come. ….

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