Introduction. We are survivors: the persistence of life and hope in Aboriginal marriage, family and kinship practices
by Vicktoria Grieves (1-5)


“‘We are survivors’: A Play by Puralia Jim Everett
by Victoria Grieves (6-8)

“We Are Survivors”
by Jim Everet (9-34)

“Into the Photo Box: An alternative Way of Approaching the Aboriginal Family
by Kathleen Butler (35-47)

“Reading Coolibah’s Story: As told by Coolibah to John Boulton”
by John Boulton (48-64)

“The Persistence of Aboriginal Kinship and Marriage Rules in Australia:
Adapting Traditional Ways into Modern Practices”
by Jeanie Bell (65-75)

“Becoming Rosalind’s Daughter: Reflections on Intercultural Kinship and Embodied Histories”
by Karen Hughes (76-91)

“My Grandfather’s Family Secrets: Unravelling Layers of Race and Belonging in an Australian Mixed-race Family”
by Kim Burke and Victoria Grieves (92-102)

“Family Tremors: Margot Nash’s Call me Mum
by Pauline Marsh (103-116)

“‘All my relos’: Aunty June Barker Speaks of Her Family History”
by Victoria Grieves and Pauletter Whitton (117-129)

“Tracking Precarious Lives in Stephen Kinnane’s Shadow Lines
by Martina Horáková (130-142)

“Posts in a Paddock: Revisiting the Jimmy Governor Tragedy, Approaching Reconciliation and Connecting Families Through the Medium of Theatre”
by Clare Britton (143-157)

“‘Behind every suffering, there is a human life worth loving’: Receptions and Perceptions of Uniqueness, Universality and Hope in Warwick Thornton’s Samson and Delilah
by Estelle Castro (158-176)

“Nurturing the ‘Beginning’ in Protecting our Traditional Practices from the End: Family, Kinship and Kamilaroi Aboriginal First Nation Knowledge in Australia”
by Marcus Waters (177-192)

Book Reviews

Rev. of Margie West, ed., Yulyurlu: Lorna Fencer Napurrurla (2011)
by Iva Polak (193-196)

Rev. of Nancy de Vries, Gaynor Macdonald, Jane Mears and Anna Nettheim, One Life, Two Stories: Nancy de Vries’ Journey Home (2012)
by Victoria Grieves (197-200)

Rev. of Patti Miller, The Mind of a Thief (2012)
by Matt Poll (201-204)