by Martina Horakova   (2-3)


“Utopia and Ideology in the Vision of the Jindyworobaks”
by Daniel Hempel   (4-14)

“Reading Mabo in Peter Goldsworthy’s Three Dog Night
by Geoff Rodoreda   (15-29)

“Australia: An Inescapable Cultural Paradigm? Cross- and Transcultural Elements in Tim Winton’s Fiction”
by Tomasz Gadzina   (30-40)

“Writing Space in the Plural: New Australian Geographies in Murray Bail’s Fiction”
by Marie Herbillon   (41-57)

“Obscured but not Obscure: How History Ignored the Remarkable Story of Sarah Wills How”
by Jenny Hocking and Laura Donati   (58-69)

“The Topos of Australia in Contemporary Serbian Language Writing of First-generation Serbian Migrants to Australia”
by Nataša Kampmark   (70-83)

“Australian Colonial Society and Its Ethnic Diversity in Polish Diggers’ Memoirs”
by Jan Lencznarowicz   (84-99)


Interview with Anupama Pilbrow
by Matthew Hall   (100-104)