Abstract: This article discusses the vision behind the Jindyworobak movement in terms of its complex interplay between progressive utopianism and ideological regression. The Jindyworobaks, an Australian literary movement of the twentieth century, sought a deeper connection with the Australian environment based on appreciation and a willingness to learn from its indigenous traditions. At the same time, however, their writings still deny the Aboriginal subaltern a voice, and effectively perpetuate the power structures the Jindyworobaks seemingly oppose. This intriguing interplay forms the basis of this article, which draws on a conceptual framework inspired by Paul Ricœur, Ernst Bloch and Slavoj Zizek to map out the interactions between utopia and ideology in the vision of the Jindyworobaks.

Keywords: Jindyworobaks, Utopia, Ideology, Dying Race, Rex Ingamells

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