Introduction to the Special Issue ‘Australia-South Asia: Contestations and Remonstrances’ (2-5)
by Maryam Mirza, Marie Herbillon and Valérie-Anne Belleflamme


Place, Object, Text: Anglo-India in Australasia” (6-19)
by Ralph Crane and Jane Stafford

Jugglers and the Colonial Encounter: The Experience of Indian Show People in Nineteenth-Century Australia” (20-31)
by John Zubrzycki

“‘Wars Don’t End When the Fighting Is Over’: Adib Khan’s Homecoming and the Australian Literature of the Vietnam War” (32-45)
by Geoffrey V. Davis

The Retrieval of Women’s Voices, Resistance and Empowerment in Anna Yen’s Chinese Take Away” (46-56)
by Thamir Az-Zubaidy

“New Zealand: A Stepping Stone for Anglo-Indians Destined for Australia?” (57-74)
by Robyn Andrew

India Radiating, Australia Disposing? Nuclear Waste and Indigenous Resistance” (75-89)
by Paul Giffard-Foret

Book Reviews

Rev. of Mark Froud, The Lost Child in Literature and Culture (90-91)
by Nataša Kampmark