Abstract: Since 1947, once India regained its independence from Britain, vast numbers of Anglo-Indians have left India. Many have migrated to the United Kingdom, but others have favoured destinations such as Canada, Australia, and to some extent New Zealand. The latter has sometimes been regarded as a stepping stone to Australia, particularly at times when it was difficult to immigrate directly. In my recent research on Anglo-Indians in New Zealand, I have come across this idea in various contexts. Drawing on material from interviews with Anglo-Indians both in New Zealand and India, I will discuss experiences and interpretations of the movement of Anglo-Indians from India to New Zealand, including situations where Australia featured as an alternative potential destination. I will also explore immigration policies of both countries historically, which will eventually lead me to draw an unexpected conclusion about the ease of entering New Zealand in comparison to Australia.

Keywords: Anglo-Indians; migration; Australia; New Zealand; India; interviews

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