Pandemic as polemic poster

Online seminar: “Pandemic as Polemic”
Thursday 4 and Friday 5 November 2021.


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a great challenge for everybody, individually and socially, and has raised many questions about lifestyle, environment, social and economic inequality, health policies, science and especially governance and politics. Covid-19, its development, impact and effects form the basis of most current debates in our media and politics, and the illness has therefore become a rich interface of conflict that exacerbates contemporary inequalities and creates new ones. Yet, polemic can also be the source of renovation and construction, and as such, Covid-19 needs and deserves to be discussed from a multidisciplinary, global perspective. The Barcelona November 2021 seminar entitled Pandemic as Polemic aims to provide such a floor for open-minded discussion.



The seminar will be free of charge and held online on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 November. Nevertheless, registration at ceatubenrolment(AT) is mandatory in order to attend. Information updates and links for the Seminar will be sent to all registered participants.

Delegates may deliver their papers in English, Catalan or Spanish. Please note that no translation will be provided. For further information contact us at ceatsubmissions(AT)