The 23rd Symposium of Australian Gastronomy: “The Education of the Senses: Aesthetics of Food and Drink”
7 Jul, 5:30 pm AEST – 19 Jul, 12:30 pm AEST.


We’re having a Covidium. Go with it. See you Online.

This 23rd Symposium was to be special just for finally going north of Newcastle. Hah! Let’s go online during a pandemic as well! The Covidium format we created is something more than a repository, but it is not a fully online conference either. We wanted to honour those who were preparing work and give them the chance to present it for comment and discussion in the same time frame as the planned Symposium, rather than postpone for what may have been a year, or more.

We invite you to join us and to be inspired by your fellow Symposiasts’ sharing of their work and passions, and encourage your considered engagement with their presentations. We acknowledge the elephant in the online room, that is the genuinely felt loss of the usual conviviality of the Symposium gatherings. Indeed, this loss itself is a topic so very worthy of this groups discussion – so let’s talk about that by zooming over scones on Sunday morning. Pumpkin Scones. That’s one tradition we can honour. Pineapple Jam anyone? Send us your recipes. Show us your Scones. We’re trying some with sourdoughs discards, of course.

Enough reading? Tickets, Program & Abstracts:

Now, the mechanics …8 multi-part Sessions will be published … one a day from 9th July to 16th July. Some to read, some to view. You get to consider the papers and then turn up from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July to our COVIDIUM, all ready to engage about them (or catch up).

Once you have registered you will receive an email every day starting 9th July with a link to that day’s session, and instructions about how to chat, question and comment on the papers.

Abstracts for all papers are available with this program release – so you can hone in on the ones you are keen on and study at leisure before the official weekend kicks off.

Join us for a BYO Keynote & Cocktails for an hour or so from 5.30 pm Friday 17th July (or look for the recording anytime after that) for a welcome chat and keynotes. On Saturday, performance piece sessions will entertain you at morning tea, lunch and cocktail hour, interspersed with Zoom chats for QandA-ing with individual presenters. ​On Sunday, Zoom in for group discussions with us via the traditional Scones and Chat session live on Sunday 19th, from 10.30 am. Pyjamas allowed. The Saturday night Symposium Dinner is for now, a Movable Feast, and the Elephant in the Dining Room. We’re out of cliches and puns now. Watch this space.

​All you have to do now is register:

​Please self assess the ticket price you can manage to suit your circumstances, $50 /$25 /$10 options are offered. If you need a COVID freebie, by signing-up to the mailing list, you will be sent a coupon code: