The Australian Studies Institute warmly invites you to submit an abstract for our 2020 Annual Symposium ‘This changes everything!’ Australia and the post-pandemic world

Convened by the ANU Australian Studies Institute
Virtual Symposium: 22 October 2020
Abstracts due: 31 July 2020 

Covid-19 has upended daily life with nations struggling to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The virus has changed so much – how we work, play, relate to one another, celebrate milestones, and mourn our dead. It has changed the basic rhythms and routines of life in 2020 and beyond. The virus has reconfigured so many things but has it changed everything? Which changes will endure? Which practises will revert to their pre-covid-19 status quo? What does a post-covid-19 future look like? We invite contributors to consider the post-pandemic world from a broad range of perspectives and disciplines. As the title of the symposium suggests, we place Australia at the centre of our discussions but welcome analysis that positions a post-covid-19 Australia within international and global contexts.  Comparative studies are also welcomed. Submit your 250-500 word abstract by 31 July 2020.

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