EXTENDED DEADLINE: The deadline to submit your articles is now January, 6th 2020.

JEASA (The Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia) invites you to submit original articles for the second issue in 2019, guest-edited by Salhia Ben-Messahel and Vanessa Castejon.

Australia is caught in discourses on nation, belonging and identity in an environment that fails to produce new alternatives in the so-called “postcolonial”, “multicultural” country. By proposing Alter/Native Spaces for its next issue, JEASA intends to go beyond the postcolonial to examine how the prefix “alter” is thus linked both to the notion of an alternative and to the notion of multiplicity, and how supposedly opposed knowledges may interact and form new spaces to reframe the relationship by instating presence in place of absence. Papers will examine the ways in which the interaction of these new geographies, alter/native spaces, imaginaries or models of inhabitance can provide new modes of rethinking difference and belonging, creating an alter/native movement of identities.

We encourage interdisciplinary approaches and comparative studies in the areas of cultural studies, literature, film, performance, art, history, sociology and others. Papers may focus on:

  • Inter/transcultural understandings
  • Knowledges/knowledge
  • New historiographies
  • Hybrid aesthetics
  • Cultural reconfigurations and nationalist discourses
  • Colonialism/Multiculturalism/decolonization/neo-colonialism
  • Alterpolitics
  • Altermodernism

Please submit your articles by November 30, 2019 to the guest-editors, Salhia Ben-Messahel, salhia.benmessahel@univ-tln.fr, and Vanessa Castejon, castejon@univ-paris13.fr.

For more information about guidelines, please read the following pdf: