by Martina Horakova

“Tim Winton’s Palimpsestuous Australianness in Island Home: A Landscape Memoir
by Barbara Arizti (2-14)

“Is Cosmopolitan the New Australian? Flexible Identities in Eva Sallis’s Fiction”
by Salhia Ben-Messahel (15-26)

“The Child Lost Beneath History in Zana Fraillon’s No Stars to Wish On and The Bone Sparrow
by Mark Froud (27-42)

“Fending off Doomsday: Christina Stead’s Response to Postwar, Democratic Europe”
by Michael Ackland (43-55)

“The Re-emergence of South African Nationalism in Kopano Matlwa’s Period Pain
by Laura Winstanley (56-65)