by Martina Horakova (2)


“Matriduxy?: Tracing Colonial Adumbration in Australian Womanhood via a Psychoanalytical Reading of Christina Stead’s The Man Who Loved Children
by Theresa Holtby (3-16)

“Nick Cave’s The Death of Bunny Munro: Misogynistic Trash, Scatological Rhetoric, or an Ode to Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto?”
by Rebecca Johinke (17-30)

“The Communicative Aspect of New Linguistic Discourse—a Case Study of Language Alternation in Multilingual Written Texts”
by Eva Forintos (31-43)

“Heading South: An Embodied Literary History of the Cape to Cape Track and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Region of South-west Australia”
by John Charles Ryan (44-58)

Book Review

Rev. of Susan Sheridan, The Fiction of Thea Astley
by Karen Lamb (59-60)