The Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia (JEASA) was founded and has been maintained by the European Association for Studies of Australia (EASA) since 2009. It is a double blind peer-reviewed, open-access online journal published twice a year, intended to showcase both European and Australian scholarhip in the field of Australian studies.

JEASA invites ongoing submissions in any area of Australian studies. Articles which have a European connection and offer comparative perspectives are particularly welcome. Special and guest-edited issues are announced in advance, most commonly once a year. Proposals to edit special issues can be made at any time by emailing the general editor.

Submissions should be emailed the the general editor unless indicated otherwise. Articles of 5,000-8,500 words must follow the format specified in submission guidelines. They should be submitted as one document with no indication of author’s identity. A separate document shoud contain author’s name, institutional affiliation if appropriate, e-mail address and a brief biography to be used if the article is accepted.

No charges are made for article processing or for publication. Articles can be accessed and downloaded in a .pdf format and used freely for academic and educational purposes, provided they are properly referenced and cited.

JEASA General Editor: (2016- )
Martina Horakova, Ph.D.
Department of English and American Studies
Faculty of Arts
Masaryk University
Arna Novaka 1, 60200 Brno
Czech Republic

Previous JEASA General Editor: (2011-2016)
David Callahan, University of Aveiro, Portugal